Our Team

ANCHOR VALLEY is a dream team of individuals, all with a unique set of skills and talents that combined, are unstoppable!

Joe Moxley+

Joe Moxley, Founder and Owner

Matt Cates+

Matt Cates, Owner - Winemaker & Viticulturist

Bill and Cari Powell+

Bill and Cari Powell, Owners - Business Operations

Mike Herrera+

Mike Herrera, Founding member

Joe Moxley

Joe Moxley, Founder and Owner

Joe is from Medford, Oregon, and is a graduate from Cascade Christian High School.  Joe has owned and operated Moxley Media in Medford, Oregon since 2013, and has been involved with Printed on Site (an on-site graphics design shop) since 2016.

In 2007, together with Mike Herrera, Joe created Legionnaire Apparel, which was the foundation for what is now Anchor Valley Wine.

Joe has had his hands in everything  over the years, ranging from an award-winning tattoo parlor to award-winning wines.

Joe is married to Katie and they have four children: Kara, Emma, Jacob, Faith and a newborn son, Kingston.


Joe Moxley can be contacted at joe@anchorvalleywine.com.


Matt Cates

Matt Cates, Owner - Winemaker & Viticulturist

Matt was born and raised in Lake Tahoe, where wine was always present in the home. His family believed in a European style dinner where wine was always on the table and usually in everyone’s glass, of course mixed with water for the kids. Matt’s father was a sommelier in a four-star restaurant and then a wholesale distributor for many years with Southern Wine and Spirits. Through this job, Matt was often exposed to private pourings and tasting events. Early on, he admired the authenticity, enthusiasm and passion associated with those in the wine industry and often dreamed of a career within the industry.

In 2011, he began his studies towards his Viticulture and Enology Degree at Southern Oregon Wine Institution in Roseburg, Oregon. While beginning his studies, he worked as a cellar hand at King Estate Winery.

In 2012, Southern Oregon Wine Institute gave him  the opportunity to intern for harvest at Domino De Cair in Aranda de Duero, Spain. There, he was entrenched in the styles of viticulture and enology surrounding Tempranillo and other traditional Spanish varieties. He was able to absorb an immense amount of knowledge and education about dry farming, traditional wine-making and meter by meter head pruned vineyard practices. After working under Juan Luis Canas in Spain, Matt and his wife were given the opportunity to go south and work a harvest for Kim Crawford and Drylands Winery in Marlborough, New Zealand. Not only was this on the opposite side of the world but was also a completely different learning experience, focusing on Sauvignon Blanc and mass production. These two experiences gave him the rare opportunity of experiencing a duel hemisphere harvest within the same harvest year. This was an invaluable education that Matt, and Anchor Valley, are forever grateful for.

In 2018, Matt came on board with Anchor Valley, coming out of the gates with a Double Gold at the Oregon Wine Experience for his Pinot Gris.


Matt Cates can be contacted at matt@anchorvalleywine.com.


Bill and Cari Powell

Bill and Cari Powell, Owners - Business Operations

Bill and Cari Powell come to the wine industry from a bit of a different path.  As restaurant owners and operators, they learned to love wine, and grew to appreciate the steps that create a great bottle of wine- from the vine to the glass.  They were fascinated by all the intricacies of the business; from the passion of growing and harvesting the grapes, all the way through to how a bottle of wine is marketed and consumed by those that appreciate it.

When they started working with the group at Anchor Valley, it became clear that there was an extremely talented team that had knowledge in every aspect of the wine industry.  As well as those industries that support the experiences of learning how to appreciate great wines, and most importantly, the men and women behind those incredible wines.

Bill has a degree in marketing, but learned very quickly that he had a calling for the service industry.  He has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years.  In that time, he has worked, managed, and owned a variety of restaurants throughout the entire state of Oregon.  His appreciation for the craft of wine-making drew him to Anchor Valley, knowing that the product and people were well respected, and the challenge was one that he could happily support and engage in.  He considers himself a “wine enthusiast” (a good drinker with a lot to learn), and has been happy to surround himself with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about wine and everything that goes into it.

Cari has a background in the restaurant business, and has been an event planner for several years, working with such great organizations as the Providence Festival of Trees, and the Oregon Wine Experience.  It has been that connection with OWE that helped foster her understanding and appreciation of wine and wine-making.  With a Master’s Degree in Psychology, it seemed only natural to transition into the service industry, and probably into the drinking industry as well?

Bill and Cari Powell can be contacted at bill@anchorvalleywine.com.


Mike Herrera

Mike Herrera, Founding member

After several years of a partnership, Joe and Mike broadened their horizons and founded Anchor Valley Wine.

Mike is best known as a singer, songwriter and musician, best known as the lead vocalist, bassist and songwriter for the punk rock band MxPx. He is also the frontman of Tumbledown and the bassist of Goldfinger.

Mike brings the passions of music into the world of wine!

Mike Herrera can be contacted at mike@anchorvalleywine.com.




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