Always up for an adventure and full of entrepreneurial spirit, Joe Moxley and Mike Herrera entered into the wine world with the hopes of blazing a new trail, of merging their two business worlds in a way that hadn’t been done before. Their first partnership focused on the rock & roll world and lifestyle, bringing a signature clothing brand to fans of music.

Now, after eleven years partnering together, they’ve broadened their horizons and brought their love of wine to the forefront. The adventure began when the two went wine tasting together in Southern Oregon where they were introduced to the great local wines and winemakers of area – The “Valley”. With a lot of help and support from this passionate collection of artists, they were able to create a brand new wine they called ANCHOR VALLEY.  The rest is history.




ANCHOR VALLEY is more than a wine company.

ANCHOR VALLEY is an art form, a community, a culture.
ANCHOR VALLEY is a way of life.
It also just happens to be an award-winning wine!